Why are we in business?

Every day this business allows us to build our capacity to think critically.  And, every week we are rewarded with the satisfaction of “a-ha moments” that come from uncovering new insights and bringing clarity to communications.

Compelling communication fascinates us.  We appreciate the power of an insightful quote and the influence of a moving speech. We are equally inspired by a six-word quote, as we are by an insightful sixty-minute speech.

We have seen good ideas fail because they became complicated.  We enjoy deconstructing complicated ideas into more easily understood points. We then get to prioritize and put these points together as a clear and compelling message.

What do we offer?

We offer to drive critical thinking, increase understanding, and assist you in developing clear and effective communications. We will work with you throughout the process; from research, through planning, to developing the message and tracking results to learn how to improve.

Who is Veritas Strategy?

Veritas Strategy is truly a network of gifted left-brains, right-brains, creatives, and critical thinkers. We are united in our belief that we can have a positive impact on marketing communications if we remain focused and disciplined.

Above all, we believe the goal of communication is to convey understanding. Many people would argue that being memorable is the priority. However, how many times do you remember a commercial and don't remember the brand featured? Our goal will always be to get people to understand our message.

Unfortunately, crowded and uninspired messaging has only become more prevalent over the years. With the growth of media channels, we are now bombarded with what feels like just "noise". Though this is a challenge, we prefer see it as an oppportunity. This situation provides us the opportunity to do great work for our clients and drive impact through insight and simplicity.

Brand Experience

Favorite Quotes

Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depends on simplicity.

- Plato